Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cycladic Sculpture - Marble Seated Harp Player

When you come to this smooth marble object which strikingly resembles modern art, you will be amazed to learn that this piece of art was originally from Cycladic civilization and was created about 4500 years ago.
A male figure sits straight on a high-backed chair, head up, feet parallel to the ground. He is playing a musical instrument with his exaggeratedly long and muscled arms. His eyes are closed but mouth is half open as if he is singing an epic tale of gods and goddesses.
The harp player is singing
 As human beings, we all have the needs to reconnect with our past and discover our roots. This piece of art not only profoundly quenches that need but also fuels our imagination. One can stand in front of this figure and ask all sorts of questions: Who is the musician? What is he singing and playing? Who was listening? Put youself back in time and space and watch him play, feel the music flow into thin air but never will disappear.

Fun Facts:
  • This marble harp player sculpture is the earliest of the occupational figure
  • The majority of Cycladic sculptures are highly stylized representations of the female human form, male human form only accounts for  4-5 percents. 

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